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Stay connected with the community, share ideas and learn something new with our range of on-demand shows. This article was written by J.Pendley, and the article’s title is “Finance and accounting professionals and cybersecurity awareness”. It was published in 2018 in the journal called “Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance”. It was published in volume 29, issue 1, and the article ran from page 53 to 58. The role of accountants has diversified quite a lot from what it originally was from more of an orthodox paper based practice to know something that even includes a broader perspective of advisory services. As a business owner involved in eCommerce, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of accounting and bookkeeping practices.

This means the asset is not added to the general capital allowances pool and, if disposed of within this period, then the loss on scrapping or s… Deciding to grow your business can be an exciting and rewarding time. As well as being able to start enjoying the benefits of your success… it presents the opportunity to progress your company to the next level. But don’t forget that growing your business efficiently presents lots of challenges. Listen up, future magnates and first-time adventurers. RIFT Group’s very own ex NASA-intern-super-scientist-MD, Jane Ollis, is about to drop a serious knowledge-bomb on your start-up ambitions.

Things never to ignore with your business bank account

Meanwhile, Japan and China face issues, with some of their leading manufacturers and financial institutions having regional operational bases in the UK which no longer function as gateways for business operations in the EU. Subject headings are umbrella terms used by some databases to describe content or information. Articles are assigned a number of subject headings by indexers on behalf of the databases. It is a great method of searching for relevant literature related to your topic.

  • System encompassing multiple functional systems with one database.
  • Keyword searching is generally what you use when you are first beginning a search.
  • An accountant is a professional or certified individual who conducts accounting …
  • Generally, only the largest companies can hope to meet the needs of an entire market.

The tax return covering the year ended 5 April 2016 is sometimes called the ‘2016’ tax return’. The deadline for sending your completed tax return back to HMRC depends on whether you submit a paper return (31st October 2016) or file it on-line (31st January 2017). What’s more, we’ve got the largest database of accountants around. All companies and non-profits, no matter the size or scope need a qualified accounting staff to report and manage all of …

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If you are having difficulties accessing articles via Summon or one of our databases see the links below. When you are off-campus you will need to login to identify yourself as a member of the University of Reading to gain access to our protected databases, e-books and e-journals. Join bookkeeping for startups us for Tax Talk, our live interactive chat show hosted by the UK’s leading tax expert Rebecca Benneyworth. Join us for Tax Talk , our live interactive chat show hosted by the UK’s leading tax expert Rebecca Benneyworth. Finance and accounting professionals and cybersecurity awareness.

accounting articles

Proper accounting is essential for managing your financial records, tracking your business’s financial health, a… Many journal articles are now freely available online as they have been published “open access” in addition to their publication in a subscription journal. You will be able to search across journal articles on a topic by using Library SmartSearch, and this may be most appropriate for you if you need to obtain a few full-text journal articles on a particular subject.

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However, rest assure, with the right advice and assistance it can be quite simple and (financially) rewarding. Online Traders have now become part of HMRC’s crackdown on undeclared businesses. Or maybe your “ebay hobby” has become more than a hobby.

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