The Best Business Messaging Apps For 2022

Features like private and public channels, video conferencing, voice notes, reminders, and to-dos make Flock a well-rounded team collaboration tool. Use personal-grade IM apps as a way to connect with your customers, like handling quick product inquiries, for example. Be careful with apps that don’t offer end-to-end encryption as the default. Don’t use free instant messengers for internal team communication. Features – Today’s instant messengers offer much more than just chat.

Improve customer response time, increase support to 24/7, and save money with digital agents. Drive sales, loyalty, and customer satisfaction through assistive experiences and rich features. Previously, RCS UP 1.0 messaging capabilities were only available while messaging with other T-Mobile customers. Slack securely scales up to support collaboration at the world’s biggest companies. Isaiah Atkins is a writer who specializes in creating SEO-driven content and blogs. Even when not creating marketing copy or blog posts, Isaiah is typing away at his keyboard, steadily working on his first full-length novel.

Americans Are Attached To Their Phones

Flock is free for teams with up to 20 members; a more full-featured Pro version costs $4.50 per user per month. Workplace also integrates with existing business tools, including Google Drive, Office 365, DocuSign and Azure AD. Its core tier costs $4 per user per month, with add-ons available. Our messaging service works with major U.S. carriers and is also compatible with any device with text message capabilities. A superb team chat app is one that eliminates the time you would spend getting up and going to an individual to ask something.

The simplicity of Twist saw it named as the best communication app by PCMag. All are great products, but Slack’s standard version costs roughly 4x the cost of Officetree Messenger and their best version is priced at roughly 5x the cost of Officetree Messenger! If you don’t need features such as Slack’s Active Directory synchronization with Okta, then try Officetree Messenger and save your hard-earned money. Just as any business texting tool you choose should fit in with your existing backend tools, it should also facilitate cohesive communication across all channels. EZTexting bills itself as an all-in-one text marketing solution. But while it is a marketing tool, EZTexting also caters to Customer Service, Sales, HR, and Employee Operations teams.

Corporate Mobile Messenger

So we set up a special phone number in Dialpad that became our security line for multi-factor authentication. And the best thing is, SMS text messaging for business can be done on your personal cell phone—while protecting your personal number if you’re using an app like Dialpad’s. Whether you’re a C-level executive building a vision for your organization or a customer support agent trying to resolve a technical issue, you need some form of real-time communication. Messaging apps offer a more streamlined way to communicate with one another.

The best thing about Zoho and all of their products is that they provide high quality, cloud-based software that won’t set you back an arm and a leg when it comes to pricing. Chat, audio, video, and screen sharing all combine to make communication easier. This saves a lot of time by allowing real-time sharing of ideas, problem-solving, planning, strategy, and sharing. Since all of this is happening in one place, communication is up-to-date and constantly moving forward. Slack and Teams can be distracting, especially when they’re used as an online employee repository for GIFs, jokes, and debates over sports games and TV plot lines. In the following 8 chapters, you will quickly find the 58 most important statistics relating to “Mobile messenger and communication apps”.

Best Practices For Instant Messaging At Work

Since it is not always possible to be around each other anymore, a streamlined process of communication that allows ideas, documents, and videos to be shared is a must. Chanty also provides a tool called “Teambook.” The allows users to see all of their messages, contacts, and tasks all in one place. If you get the same message on Slack, it’s harder to read — unless you regularly interact with that manager in person.

It offers basic chat functionality and communication features, but you have the ability to toggle elements to meet your needs. Slack is a robust, comprehensive chat tool for small businesses. In addition to one-on-one and group chat, Slack comes with individual and team audio calls and video conferencing. It’s a website or application that allows users to create address book contacts and user groups, send and receive group messages, view message history, and receive delivery receipts. Enhanced communication The group chat application is developed to facilitate smooth contact between team members. This platform enables you to discuss and exchange thoughts, notes, files, and videos from remote locations.

Not to mention, Slack’s security includes two-factor authentication, data encryption, and enterprise key management. The best business messaging apps also provide a number of other tools within the platform. Some of the more popular ones include file-sharing capabilities, audio and video calls, and project management. WhatsApp is the most popular communications app on the market, with more than 1.5 billion active users.

That’s 344 times per day, on average, and a 31% increase from 2021. Verified SMS Build trust in your brand and put customers at ease. Translation Communicate with customers in their native or preferred languages. Surveys Understand how your customers feel in the moment with in-context surveys. Convert Calls to Text Give customers the option to text you vs. waiting on hold. Your ability to interact effectively with customers will determine the success of your relationship and, ultimately, influence whether customers come back again.

There’s a free version of Teams as well, which you access using any Microsoft login, such as email address. If your organization is on the fence about using Microsoft Teams because it already uses Slack, take a look at what makes Teams and Slack different. There are plenty of alternatives to Slack, and the ones that have scored highest of those we’ve tested and reviewed have made it to this list.

As long as you’re logged into Dialpad, you’ll receive messages across all of your connected devices, including your computer and cell phone. “We’ve actually done something quite unique with Dialpad, and it has to do with multi-factor authentication. Dialpad was one of the only solutions that’s a VoIP system that also has text messaging.

Corporate Mobile Messenger

Customers can now use Messenger to ask about a product, book appointments, or respond to an advertisement. Before you start using business messenger apps, it’s important to understand just how many there are on the market and how different they are. The AI-powered collaboration app Chanty is designed to make team chat simple, with its ‘smart responses’ feature operating similarly to auto-complete. Spike has often been called a direct alternative to Slack as it aims to enhance your email inbox with real-time chat and social media integration. All Omnisend plans include A/B testing, popups and signup forms, customer analytics, contact management, pre-built automations, and built-in email templates.

The Enterprise plan tacks on screen sharing, some privacy chat features, and the ability to edit sent messages. A good instant messaging app is a powerful tool for your business. Generate leads, access metrics, handle inquiries in real time, and meet customers via their preferred channel of communication. One of the original apps for instant messaging, Skype began life in 2003 as a peer-to-peer platform for IM and calling capabilities.

What Is An Instant Messaging App?

Take a look at all the company processes, and set expectations of what you want from the IM tool. In broad terms, organizational agility is the efficiency of response a company has to business challenges, changes, and uncertainty. It marks how effective companies are at adapting to the environment. You can send SMS messages to anyone in the United States or Canada that has a device capable of receiving text messages. Riders Share is the “Airbnb of motorcycles,” and with a small team, even their CEO, Guillermo, gets involved with customer support regularly.

Corporate Mobile Messenger

In many cases, you get voice and video capabilities, file and screen sharing, collaboration tools, and more. Today, businesses of all kinds use these programs to share information and collaborate in efficient and dynamic ways. Instant messagingis a real-time online communication method that connects two or more people. Stand-alone instant messaging applications, or apps, facilitate session-based exchanges of text, audio, and video communication, as well as files and content. The only question is whether you’re maximizing instant messaging, also known as IM, to meet your business needs.

Secure Enterprise Messaging Insights

For the recipient of a text message for business, the experience is much like texting with a friend. But for the business, the backend of a business text messaging service may include sophisticated recipient segmentation, workflow automation, analytics, and much more. Chanty’s claim to fame is providing a fleet of valuable business communication features and combining them with an easy-to-understand interface. This tool has a high-quality messaging system that allows you to easily organize workplace discussions according to context. Additionally, Chanty includes a handy video conferencing feature for on-the-go chatting with the entire team. Connect to your internal teams with the best instant messaging apps for coworkers.

  • Larger companies always use business texting services to send, receive, and organize messages from a variety of messaging channels.
  • Troop offers 50GB free storage with the option to upgrade to 1TB.
  • Connect to your internal teams with the best instant messaging apps for coworkers.
  • In the year 2020, messaging channels saw massive growth in ticket volume.

Skype for Business takes place on a separate network and you can invite regular Skype users to join. You get everything in the consumer-grade version, plus a whiteboard, video conferencing, personalized meeting URLs, and the ability to record meetings. Many small organizations can get away with using the free version of a messaging app. Usually, the free version limits how many messages it will look through when you run a search, or it will have a low storage cap on uploaded files. It has many of the same features as Slack; it’s just not overloaded with them.

Blizz is a business chat tool focused on simplicity by including HD VoIP video, team messaging, audio calling and indexed messaging. Zoho Cliq is the updated version Corporate Mobile Messenger Development of Zoho chat which was designed for business communication. The app lets you view multiple conversations at once with a unique column-style interface.

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The U.S. reached a new app-usage high of 4.2 hours, up from 3.9 in Q2 2021, according to a report from Customer Stories Gain insight into how our customers deliver amazing business results. Learn more about getting started with omnichannel customer experience here. They get the information instantly unlike before that there;s a waiting time.

It’s embedded into the culture of business, so companies have a strong command of using it in a professional setting. It’s also asynchronous, allowing customers to have conversations at their own paces. 74% of customers report an improved overall impression of businesses that interact with them via text messaging. Mobile devices have given consumers the ability to search, shop, and discover 24/7, forcing companies to reimagine the customer journey. And companies that fail to provide high-touch and high-tech experiences get left behind. Apart from standard SMS, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform globally, with over 2 billion users.


Collaboration within the entire Microsoft Office toolkit without leaving the app makes it great for the corporate environment. Messaging happens via direct one-on-one chat, or in groups through public and private channels. If you’re after Skype messaging, but on a dedicated business network, Skype has you covered – for now.

Webex is Cisco’s full-fledged chat solution for small businesses. It provides a chat tool, meeting software, a whiteboard collaboration tool and an organized calendar app. The chat app can use images dynamically, and the whiteboard application is ideal for creative collaboration. You can separate conversations into different channels for ease of organization and uncluttered project planning. Flock is a good solution for businesses seeking to maintain transparency with workers while communicating more efficiently. Twist is a chat tool from Todoist, the popular to-do list application.

Want to send instant messages, both internally to colleagues and externally to clients and partners? With Dialpad, you can SMS + MMS text messages and instant team messages—all from the same beautiful desktop or mobile app. They are a collaboration tool that is simply a must-have when it comes to tracking and communicating with a remote workforce. Remember, many of you may mistake this for the old Google Hangouts chat app. However, the new version here provides you with business messaging along the same lines as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Truth be told, the Zoho Cliq app borrows a lot of ideas from other messaging apps, and that’s okay.

All-in-all, Slack is one of the very best business messaging apps around. Popular instant messaging dates back to the early 2000s, and Slack, in particular, has been gaining traction for years. Rather than starting from scratch with a workplace IM system, companies should build upon what employees already know and like. Texting has become a crucial part of everyday life for most people. On average, most people use 3 different messaging apps each week to chat with friends and family. Nine in 10 consumers also want to text with businesses, but less than half of companies are currently equipped to meet their needs.

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